Aliant Inc.
Provides local and long distance telephone, wireless, and Internet services in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces.

ALLTEL Corporation
Offer local telephone, wireless, long distance, Internet and paging service.

Provides long-distance, international and wireless services as well as internet access.

AT&T Canada, Inc.
Provides voice, data, and Internet telecommunications. (Nasdaq: ATTC)

ATX Communications
Pennsylvania facilities-based provider offering voice, data, and wireless solutions. News, solutions, and careers included.

Bell Canada
Information on products and services, promotional events, regulatory issues and leading-edge innovations.

Bell Canada International, Inc.
Develops and operates telecommunications services including basic telephony, cellular services and cable television services, with a primary focus in latin america and the Asia-Pacific region. (Nasdaq: BCICF).

Bell Telecommunication Philippines, Inc.
Digital broadband network access provider using wireless access for last mile connectivity and fiber optic cables in the Central Business District for domestic, multinational and entrepreneurial companies operating in the Philippines.

Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) with local to global offerings in voice, data and Internet.

British Telecommunication plc
The UKs biggest telco. Providing a full range of services to the home and business customer.

Cable and Wireless
Global supplier of internet, data and voice solutions to business customers. Products, services, awards, and network details provided.

Carrier 1 International S.A.
Holding company with subsidiaries which provide long distance voice and internet protocol services on a wholesale basis. (Nasdaq: CONE).

Providing services in France, Germany and in the UK.

Covista Communications
Facilities-based network, owns many brands, including Capsule Communications.

Detecon Al Saudia Co. Ltd.
Deutsche Telekom Group investment in Saudi telecommunications. VSAT Service Provider.

Deutsche Telekom
Telecommunications conglomerate that owns or operates T-Mobile, and One2One mobile systems in Europe.

FairPoint Carrier Services
Provides services for vendors in the industry.

France Telecom
French voice, data, and Internet company. In English and French.

European carrier with offices in various countries.

Isis Telecommunications Management Ltd
Independent provider of mobile and fixed services to UK businesses.

Jazztel p.l.c.
Holding company with subsidiary which provides telecommunications and data services. (Nasdaq: JAZZ).

Global business and residential communications company operating in more than 65 countries.

NEDATel Global Inc.
Provides carrier support services of used and new satellite, VSAT, VoIP networking equipment in over 46 countries and spanning all continents. Third-party equipment supply and installation services for overseas service providers.

Qwest Communications
Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), large wholesale and retail provider of voice and data services.

SBC Communications
Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) providing local to global voice, data, and Internet.

Shields Environmental
Environmentally conscious equipment resource for telecom carriers. Offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. ISO 14001/EMAS.

Global provider of voice, data and Internet services.

Telecom New Zealand International
Global provider of voice, data and IP solutions based in New Zealand.

Spanish multi-national company operating throughout the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.

Telenor International
Norway based communications, IT and media company.

Telstra Australia
Mobile phone, internet, and wired telephone service provider to Australia, covering 94% of the population.

Canadian operator principally in British Columbia and Alberta.

Verizon Corporation
Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). Offers long distance, data, and Internet services as well.

Voice.Sky Communications
Provides various VoIP services for carriers and resellers.